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Thanks for visiting! We are a pair of (mostly) home-grown Wisconsinites traveling through life together and striving to do God’s will to the best of our abilities.

We met in the summer of 2013 through our local Catholic 20’s and 30’s Young Adult group. After dating in the summer of 2014, we knew we were called to the adventure of marriage! We were married on July 25, 2015, surrounded by our family and friends, and began our life together. We live on the near-west side of Madison, WI, spending much of our free time either outdoors, in the kitchen, or engaged in a game of cards.


Tracey was born in Green Bay and grew up in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. She loves to be outdoors (no matter what season), play sports, travel, read, listen to and play music, cook, and eat delicious food! She recently received a Ph.D. in Chemistry and is teaching in the Chemistry Learning Center at UW-Madison. She loves living in Madison, with a vibrant and thriving Catholic community, the largest Farmers Market in the US, and all of the options for ice cream!

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Tom has lived in Madison since he was two. He studied computer science and math at UW-Madison and currently works as a data engineer at Education Analytics. He enjoys running, reading, learning, staying active in Church, family, friends, and good food - especially dessert!

Learn more about Tom at his blog.