France Part 1 - very hot and very sacred

Well, we made it through the hottest days in French history! We had a series of days with the high 90's, low 100's, which thankfully didn't take away from our plans too much (although we so appreciated the air conditioning we had arranged for!).

  1. France really does have a little of everything. Beautiful beaches, mountain peaks, rural farmland, big cities - you name it. We are spending almost 4 of our 10 weeks here and every place is so different!
  2. France is (was?) super Catholic. It is just amazing to see all the saints who have lived here and to see all the churches as we drive around the country.
  3. JPII has been everywhere. We see his photo or a plaque commemorating his visit. What a Pope!
  4. Seeing really does help with believing. I always admire those who have such a deep faith with never really "seeing" where the saints have lived. For this scientist, seeing where the saints lived and encountered the mystical life is so powerful.
  5. Guest Point #1 (from Fr. Dan): The faith is passed down through people, not buildings. Many beautiful churches stand empty, but those that don't are because of the saint who either had been there or is buried there.
  6. Guest Point #2 (from Fr. Dan): We found out that Dan can drink both Tom and I under the table... in espresso.