France Part 2 - the trip with many miles and many treasures

So, we did a lot of driving in France. Well over 2,000 miles in two weeks, to be more exact. Returning the rental car was a little bittersweet. We had grown somewhat attached after so many miles together, yet we were so happy to be a little more settled for our last 2 days in Paris. There are too many photos from the last week, I had to split it into two posts, but this intro will have to suffice for both. :-) 

  1. France is so historically rich. Everyday felt like we were seeing once-in-a-lifetime type places/buildings, and we were! As tired as we were from traveling, there is nothing we would have cut or changed.
  2. The Catholic Church is still so alive and vibrant in those that are seeking His will. And we are so much more rejuvenated and determined to be one of those people!
  3. World War I and II was terrible for the world. You see the devastating effects everywhere in Europe - both physically in the buildings and in the hearts of everyone who was involved in some way. No wonder we don't want to seek truth as believing in a truth is what lead to so much devastation, grief, and death in the 1900s. 
  4. After being in rural France for a few days, we forgot what Europe really smells like. Paris was a pungent reminder...
  5. Traveling with family (or friends) can only enrich the experience. My Aunt Julie mentioned this when we had lunch with the Van Stratens, and it is so true! Those are memories that will be cherished and shared forever.
  6. Why can't the United States make really good bread and coffee consistently? Do we have to come home?!