Lietuva (Lithuania) - the land of potatoes and mercy

Lithuania was the second place we visited where we had additional travel buddies - Tom's parents! They picked us up from the airport and were with us for the first 5 days of our 10 days in Lithuania. We had lots of fun exploring the capital city, Vilnius, as well as a few other places of importance to the Strazdis and Milukas families.

  1. The charm of Vilnius is undeniable. The old town not only looks beautiful, but the street performers (usually between 12-30 years old) fill the streets with old world European spirit every evening. We just had to open up our apartment windows to be taken back in time.
  2. Another benefit of Vilnius is a historic capital city without all of the people. There is tourism here, but it is not swarming everywhere like in Paris or Rome. We found it a very relaxing and rejuvenating stop!
  3. Lithuanian food is filled with beets, potatoes, beef, pork, garlic, and sour cream. We both ate our fill and our stomachs could not be happier.
  4. Lithuania has been at the forefront of human rights (i.e. the first country to give women the right to vote), but has also seen incredible hardship during war time, only recently gaining independence from the Soviet Union in 1990. Both of Syte's parents had to flee during WWII and seeing remnants of their previous lives and the thousands like them was humbling.
  5. The strength of the people during Soviet Occupation was driven by their extreme faith and hope. There are incredible examples of God's mercy because of their faithfulness, and I tried to capture them in the photos below. Our hearts are forever changed after visiting these holy sites.