Paris - the land of bread and nicotine!

The first stop on our European adventure was Paris - the city of love. But in reality, the whole city smells like bread and cigarettes (with a whiff of city here and there). Here are our main takeaways:

  1. Tom's french is not good enough to converse, but it is too good in that it convinces Parisians he can speak french at first. We also must look enough like locals as we had many people ask us for directions. They were sorely disappointed.
  2. Bread. Enough said.
  3. A little bit of discomfort is just what you need to get vacation started. We arrived in Paris tired and hungry and without cash. So we bought a baguette with a credit card. Yes, we got super funny looks, but hey, it is a great reminder that you are a visitor in someone else's home and you should be grateful to experience life in their shoes.
  4. Only 10% of our wardrobe is "Paris" worthy. There are shoe stores and lingerie shops on every other block, and it is totally normal to dress well and look good. I suppose its a good thing we didn't pack our old jeans from high school...
  5. How do you stay so skinny while eating so much bread?! Maybe its the cigarettes? Maybe its the lifestyle of actually sitting down and enjoying your meals? Maybe its never driving anywhere because you simply don't need to? Whatever it is, we need to learn this skill.
  6. History is beautiful. Every block, every church, every corner of every museum is packed with hundreds if not thousands of years of history. And it roots you in something greater than yourself. 
  7. When we asked eachother what the best part of the day was, it was always encountering God in prayer/Mass or finding out something new about eachother. Traveling is wonderful, and we are excited for the next 9 weeks, but taking time to detach from work/stress and truly seeing the world around you is what really matters. Hopefully we can continue to learn how to incorporate this into our daily lives!

I took some of our favorite photos and adding some descriptive captions - enjoy!