Provence, France - the land of beaches and vineyards

After passing the halfway point of our trip in Switzerland, we decided to take a quieter week in the South of France before counting down the last four weeks of our trip. We settled in Callas, a small town in the middle of the Provence region, well known for wine and its proximity to hiking and beaches. We didn't take much advantage of the wine part, but we did of the hiking and beaches!

  1. Small towns are wonderful. Stores are closed on Sundays, everyone knows everyone, and there is a real warmth among the people. It made us miss small town Wisconsin. But it also made us miss Metcalfes and having a large grocery store close by.
  2. Nature is so rejuvenating. After the mountains of Switzerland, the waves of the Mediterranean continued to calm us and provide ample time for connection and joy. Snorkeling together was one of the coolest things we have ever done - best $8 we have ever spent to pick up some goggles and snorkels.
  3. The French have different norms for bathing suits. We did our research to make sure the beaches we went to were OK, but 1/3 of the women were still topless at some point. After one walked right in front of us, Tom looked at me and said, 'you know what they say, liberté!' (For the record, I did not partake in this societal norm)
  4. The French alps have most of the grandeur of the Swiss alps with none of the tourists. If we want to go back to the Alps, we are going to France.
  5. Even though we are being given this opportunity to do/see some amazing things, we are really finding so much joy in the simplicity of our days. And especially in the time spent together - probably the most we have ever spent. 
  6. We are just so unbelievably grateful to have this trip together. All of the things we are doing and seeing just take our breath away and we are so in awe to have a God who loves us and delights in us this much. We hope our photos are bringing this joy and peace to you too!