Stockholm - the city of water and meatballs!

We had a much quicker 3-day stay in Stockholm, but we enjoyed it quite thoroughly! We had a migraine afternoon/evening interrupt some of our plans, but we still feel like we got a pulse for the city and learned a lot along the way! We also stayed in our first hostel, and although we didn’t take full advantage of the camaraderie, we did meet some nice people from the UK, Germany, and even a recent UW alum who went through the Chemistry Learning Center!

  1. Stockholm is authentically eco-friendly. We saw people pick up garbage on multiple occasions, all toilets have two flushing options (more/less water) and essentially no one uses plastic bags or water bottles. It makes it a lot easier when there are public restrooms in every park and every half mile or so along with good tasting water from every tap. The whole city just feels clean.
  2. Stockholm has one of the coolest museums we have ever seen. See photos for details…
  3. Having a migraine (or getting sick) in a foreign country really puts you out of your comfort zone. Not having some of my comforts (like my pillow!) was hard, but it made me find comfort in other, more important things. Tom is always such a champ and caretaker, but having time and flexibility is so important too. Maybe that’s straightforward to whoever is reading this, but not always to this Type-A workaholic…
  4. We were worried the food would be a let down after Paris, but everything was all super fresh. Of course we had meatballs, but there was also deliciously fresh bread and pastries (especially kardemummalangd). I am glad I will have a day off every week starting this fall so I can keep providing some of this for us!
  5. The amount of daylight really struck us. We ate dinner around 8 pm most nights and it was still pretty light outside when we walked back around 10 pm. We are inching closer north and will have even more daylight in St. Petersburg. We are especially grateful we visited in the summer, as some locals told us that winter months will so much darkness can be unbearable and very depressing.
  6. Babies! We saw so many moms and dads out for walks with strollers. The amount of maternity/paternity leave is much higher in Sweden and we saw many gatherings of multiple moms/dads in parks as we walked around. It was really a refreshing site.