Switzerland - the land of mountains and cowbells

There are no words or photos that will do Switzerland justice - it is simply beautiful. Tom and I both agree that this is probably the trip we have felt the closest to God and to each other, and it has everything to do with what surrounds us. There were so many times we were hiking and a huge 1200 m cliff seemed so close to us, yet we knew it was over a mile away. The size and grandeur of this place is something any nature-lover should try to experience. This feeling of smallness yet of how important we are to God is something that will never leave us.

  1. Switzerland is big and we only stayed in one small region called the Jungfrau. It is home to a few of the larger peaks, as well as the world's tallest train station (the Jungfrau) which we didn't visit. As our hotel manager told us, "If you have seen snow before, avoid the crowds and go to Schilthorn, which is 1/3 of the price and a better view." So we did and spent the money on fondue.
  2. Switzerland is expensive. A burger will set you back $20, and a nice sit down meal is double that. Tom and I found this amazing egg bread for $4 and we split the huge loaf every day for a meal to save some money. Healthy? No. Delicious? Absolutely.
  3. Tourists ruin a lot of special moments. Tom and I are getting so fed up with tourists and their selfie sticks, more interested in taking an instragram photo than soaking it all in. It has been all over the news of how Rome, Venice, Amsterdam, and Bruges (maybe more?) are taking concrete steps to limit tourists into their cities, primarily through cruise ships. We chatted with a couple from Switzerland on a cable car who have been coming to this region every year for 15 years and they said this is their last time. They told us it was completely different 5 years ago, and it's a shame.
  4. On the plus side, so many tourists means they have nice public restrooms everywhere - for free! For Europe, this was a huge plus!!
  5. The hiking trails in Switzerland are amazing. Clean, well kept-up, and extremely well marked. Its darn near impossible to get lost.
  6. The cows are definitely cuter in Switzerland, and many of them have cowbells! A lot of the hiking trails go through pasture land so you are hiking right past the cows. They treat you as any European would - they ignore you!

I tried to narrow down the photos below to our favorites and there are still a lot of them. Fewer captions this time, but more mountains!!