As many of our family and friends already know, we are avid foodies. Tracey enjoys making the kitchen her chemistry laboratory, tweaking recipes to turn out something delicious with great success. And Tom enjoys the pre-washing and the ever-important analysis of the delicious goodies. 

Enjoy looking through some of our favorite recipes, and feel free to contact us with comments or recipes of your own! :-)

This refreshing summery treat is a crowd-pleaser. Make some for your family and friends, or just enjoy it for yourself!
This rich, decadent fudge will be a delightful addition to ice cream, brownies, and so much more!
This light, oily Italian bread is lip-smacking, finger-licking good!
This MSG-free sausage is great in pasta, on pizza, or by itself for breakfast!
This two-step lasagna is deliciously easy, and usually has leftover spaghetti sauce for later!
Everyone has their favorite balance of meat-to-beans and spices. Here is mine!